About The Work

Culled from a variety of assignments, shows, & projects, the photographs in the following gallery represent the last 24 years of Frank's work.
Special thanks is given to the following individuals in the dance community for welcoming Frank into their world: Carey Ysais & Paulette Azizian, Jennifer Nairn-Smith, Bubba Carr, Ryan Heffington, Deborah Greenfield...and many others!
In addition to his interests in Dance & Choreography, Frank is an avid fan of Street Photography. As he has stated, "There's nothing more exciting than heading out with my camera...no studio set-up, no producer or other client imparting their style on me...just me and my gear joining company in an effort to capture the unposed, the unsuspecting, and the casual serendipity of life as it falls before me!"
Examples of this type of work are also shown in the gallery!